Who We Are

Founded in 2007, Wood Spaces is an architectural interior design and development practice that thoughtfully designs and builds finest residential as well as commercial spaces. From its origins Wood Spaces wanted to be recognized as a firm that focused on creativity, individualism and quality as well as dedication to the needs of our clients.

We Create

From prestigious residential developments to premium commercial office space, we specialize in creating exceptional properties for our discerning clientele. We pride ourselves on our collaborative and intuitive approach, acting as a trusted advisor to create thoughtful designs that we will be treasured for years to come.

Our team focus on delivering best in class finishes, maximizing the usable space through innovative design and where appropriate, increasing the overall footprint of the project to ensure highest comfort.

Nothing but the best

Wood Spaces have extensive creative and technical expertise in-house. Each project has a dedicated team for the duration of the project that takes care of every last bespoke detail. We approach projects and developments by thoughtfully designing from inside out so that the interior design is considered from the outset and the scheme is perfectly balance with client’s requirement.

Wood Spaces is proud to boast a fantastic portfolio of work from luxury apartments & private bungalows to corporate offices & commercial spaces; our portfolio will continually grow as our reputation in the industry does.